Tata Swach RO Purifier Water Helpline Customer Care Toll Free Number, TATA Swach Products, Customer Service Complaint Number,Branch Office Address,Online Shopping Services


Tata Swach RO Purifier Water Helpline Customer Care Toll Free Number, TATA Swach Products, Customer Service Complaint Number, Branch Office Address, Online Shopping Services

Tata Swach RO Water Purifier Helpline Customer Services Toll Free Number-1800-200-2205/1800-258-5858
Tata Swach RO+UV+OS Website:www.tataswach.com

Tata Swach RO Manufacturer,Brands,Models,Products Details
1.Electric Purifier System-
Tata Swach Ultima Silver RO+UV,
Tata Swach Platina Silver RO,
Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF,
Tata Swach Nova Silver RO,
2.Non-Electric Purifier System-
Tata Swach Smart,Tata Swach Cristella Plus,
Tata Swach Silver Boost,Tata Swach Insta Sip,
Tata Swach Boost Purification Kit,
Tata Swach Bulb-White-3000Ltrs,
Tata Swach Bulb-Yellow-1500 Ltrs.,


A products from one of the most trusted business houses-the Tatas,meeting USEPA standards,the Tata Swach is the brainchild of several Tata companies like Tata Chemicals and TCS,who have their ideas and technology in the making of this low cost,near zero maintenance and user-friendly.Tata Swach uses a unique,advanced TSRF technology along with silver nanotechnology to purify water.It’s not surprising to note that in the water purifier category,the Tata Swach was voted’Product of the Year-2012’in a survey conducted by an independent consumer survey across the country.Speaking on the award winning ocassion Mr.Ashwini Hiran,COO consumers Products Business of Tata Chemicals informed “Safe drinking water is a basic human right and ‘TAta Swach’combines technology,performance,design and convenience to serve this basic himan right of million of consumers.The company has made affordability an important part of its innovation efforts.”
Tata Swach Nanotech Water Purifier is the result of dedicated efforts to make a great vision true:Ensuring safe drinking water to the masses.Many Tata Group companies like Tata Chemicals,Tata Consultancy Services,Titan,Tata Autocomp Sysytem,and Tata Business Support Service have joined hands to provide a low-cost,modern,low-maintenancy,user-friendly water purifier.
Tata Swach-The Smart Choice of safety:
1.It does not require electric
2.No running water necessary
3.Has a high purification capacity of upto 3000 Litres
4.There is no need to boil water
5.No Chemicals like Chlorine,Bromine and iodine are used
6.Removes harmful Bacteria and Viruses


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