Blackphone Mobile Helpline Toll free Customer Number, Blackphone Store, Dealer, Service Center, Head Office Contact Number, Customer Service Complaint Number


Blackphone Mobile Helpline Toll free Customer Number,Blackphone Stores,Dealer,Service Center,Head office Contact Number,Customer service Coomplaint Number

Blackphone Website –
Blackphone Helpline Customer Service Calling: +44 (0) 203 003 6541
Europe Contact Number:+41 43 508 6018 (8am-5pm CET/UTC+1M-F
US Contact Number: +1(800)721-6793


To build a truily private product,you have to build a truily private company.This is why we established
Blackphone in SWITZERLAND,home to th world’s strictest privacy laws and this is why we founded it with the best minds in mobile technology, security and encryption.
Blackphone, first products, ship in June 2014 and will make a big difference to folks who couldnot access these technology before us. But it also impacts the traditional security-conscious markets of enterprises and government. Through expanding our reach, we have the differing needs of each. The private citizen, does not think much about office VPN access and may be doesnot really know what that is. But during web browising, spyware and adtrackers are a big concern. A corporate user on the other hand, often only connects through VPN and rarely browses public websites. This customer cares much more about file exchange with colleagues at HQ,maleware hiding in travel management apps or ensuring policy compliance Ideas about safety, or security, or liberty range based on perspective. Safety to someone in the suburbs is different from safety to a journalist in a war-torn country. Privacy for a stock broker implies different things than privacy for a persecuted minority. We don’t decide which is “better” or “more important.” We serve all of them. We built Version 1.0 for both these consumers and we have planned for their growing needs.Beyond shipping V1, our team understands how to plan for the future and we want to bring you along.

Blackphone advantages:
1. Private OS v1.0
2. 2GHz Quad-Core Processor
3. RAM – 2Gb
5. 8MP Rear Camera
6. Display Screen – 4.7″ IPS HD
7. 16GB internal storage


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