Quantino Car Toll Free Customer Care Number, NanoFlowcell AG Saltwater Supercar Dealer, Head Office in Switzerland


Quantino Car Helpline Toll free Customer Care Number,NanoFlowcell AG Launched Saltwater Supercar Dealer,Head office in Switzerland

Quantino Car Website – www.nanoflowcell.com

Nunzio La Vecchia is the team leader and director of development. He was born in Brugg switzerland in 1965.The physicist and autodidact acquired his academic knowledge in four years of self-study. Today, he owns severals companies, run his own research facility, the nanoFlowcell Digilab in Zurich and has more than 60 patents in solar energy, plasma energy, digital technology and electronics. He wants his work to take electric mobility to new heights. Alongside the technology technicals challanges, he is
driven by the desire to combine ecology and sustainability into real-world solutions.


NanoFlowcell AG showed up at the Geneva Motor Show, debuting its prototype for a “supercar” powered by saltwater-filled flow battery

NanoFlowcell Cars Models Details

1. Quant
2. Quantino (Saltwater Flow) New Launch in Geneva Motor Show


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