Dr Batra Helpline Toll Free Number, Dr. Batra Clinic Contact Customer Service Complaint, Phone Consult Online Contact


Dr. Batra Helpline Toll Free Number, Dr Batra Clinics In India Contact and Customer Service Complaint, Phone Consult Online Contact

Dr.Batra Helpline Toll free Customer Contact Number – 1800 200 8311 / 1800 266 0001
website – www.drbatra.com

Dr.Batra is a centre for excellence in homeopathic treatment – symbolic of a modern clinic with a mission to promote preventive and remedial treatment with world-class practices and competencies. From being a single clinic started by Dr. Mukesh Batra and solely run by him in Mumbai in 1982, the company has come a long way to its present state. Today, Dr.Batra is world;s largest chain of homeopathic and has a network of 173 super-specialty clinics spread across 92 cities in India, Dubai And UK.


Dr. Batra Products Details
1. Hair Conditioner
2. Skin Toner
3. Dandruff Cleaning Shampoo
4. Foot Care Cream
5. Shampoo Normal Hair
6. Natural Anti Acne Cream
7. Nourshing Hair Oil
8. Anti Aging Cream
9. Hand Wash
10.Face Wash
11.Shower Gel
12. Body Toning Cream
13. Moisturizing Lotion
14. Deodorant For Men & Women
15. NAtural Cleansing Milk
16. Sun Protection Cream
17. Bathing Bar
18. Hair Gel
19. Natural Skin Lightening Cream
20. NAtural Moisturizing Cream

Treatment –
Hair Fall, Acne, Psories, Vitiligo, Alopecia Areata, Piles, asthama, Eczema, Warts, Depression, Obesity, Spondylities Treatments

Dr.Batra Clinic / store Location In India & National:

Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, MAngalore, Mumbai, Mysore, Navi Mumbai, Pondicherry, Thane,
Sriperambadur, Tirchy, Trivandrum, Eranakulam, Kolkata, Ponda, Raipur, Pune, Jaipur


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